Invisible Disasters Follow a Minimum Wage Increase

Invisible Harmful Consequences of High Minimum Wage

The kiosk made its debut in our McDonald’s this week, or at the least I saw and used it for the primary time. It is sort of, however no longer quite, idiot-proof. There had been no cashiers up front, but a type assistant manager came out from at the back of the counter and talked me through the navigation.

The big takeaway is that McDonald’s and other speedy food chains are almost, but no longer quite, at the mercy of pandering Progressives who impose their will to enact a higher minimum salary. It regarded that no greater than 4 or 5 employees had been walking the entire operation while we visited for the duration of the lunch rush.

Thank goodness workers have valiant Democrats protecting us from greedy employers. Unfortunately, that requires shielding some of us from employment itself.

It’s a sad tale whilst a younger character never receives that first task, by no means gets a chance to illustrate a robust work ethic and punctuality. It corrodes their self-photo, and regularly leads to substance abuse and crook existence. It’s hard on households and relationships.

As Allie Beth Stuckey has stated, work isn’t a vital evil. It’s a essential excellent. The absence of honorable paintings creates a vacuum, and that vacuum could be crammed by way of some thing. If no longer crime, possibly political extremism. Or perhaps each.

Somebody pays for creating a class of unemployed and unemployable young humans, however it won’t be the cynical Progressive politicians. Unemployed, unskilled younger human beings are not likely to diagnose the motive of their unemployment except they have taken a few upper-level economics in university, and this is the genius of the Democrats’ position.

They’ll call for and acquire lavish reward from the beneficiaries of a better minimum wage, but they’ll by no means be held chargeable for the devastating impact in their law on new, unskilled employees and their families and groups. That may be attributed to racism, underfunded public education or the ever-famous “greedy corporations.”